Dark Ride

The XD Dark Ride Experience is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Part video game, part movie, and part thrill ride… All wrapped up in one exciting experience! Fasten your seatbelt, put on your 3D glasses and grab hold of your laser gun…


Our state-of-the-art theater combines stunning visual effects & sound technology, while creating the sensations of falling, jumping and crashing. Stunning 3D graphics, amazing special effects, wind machines, strobe lights, and rapid motion seats create a fully immersive video game experience. Up to sixteen riders compete for the high score by shooting at the on-screen enemies using their own personal laser blaster with a high precision, pixel-perfect targeting system!


Never the same game twice

Choose your simulations, sit back in one of our 16 reactive seats, put on your 3D glasses, grab your weapon and get ready. There are endless interactive experiences for you to try!

Each Dark Ride lasts roughly 5 to 6 minutes and costs $10 per person.